Love for art, style and freedom of creation- these are the foundations that Stone & May was built on. We have established our brand in 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We are no corporation - Stone & May is a small company run by just two people. We design, make and pack all of our jewellery ourselves. Working from our small workshop in Poland, we design our packaging and business cards, run our website, answer your emails and make sure that every single piece of jewellery you buy from us is unique, special and of the highest quality.

Peter, Founder & Designer

We always do our very best to ship every order and answer every message as fast as possible.

All of our jewellery is made 100% in our workshop in Poland. Seeing how the market is flooded with cheap and low quality products that all look the same, we made the decision to never mass produce. For this reason we create small batches of each product which results in minimal waste.

We don't want to become a corporation selling to millions - our Customers deserve something that is truly unique, just as they are.

Kat, Founder & Jeweller