How our jewellery is made.

Step inside our workshop and learn how we craft our jewellery.

Every single piece starts with an idea. An idea turns into a sketch, which later becomes a wax prototype. After close examination and potential refinements, once we are perfectly happy with it, we start producing the casts in 925 Sterling Silver, using lost-wax casting technique.

The casts are cleaned and prepared for oxidizing, which is done by hand. With a fine brush and a solution with a high sulfur content, we use this natural process of darkening silver to create beautiful, black effect on the details.

And this is where the fun begins... Layer by layer, we refine the silver by hand using a variety of grinding and polishing techniques. Every single piece is unique and requires a different approach. And every single piece goes through our hands before we carefully pack it for delivery. No factories or outsourcing - it's all made in our workshop.

The stones we use for our bracelets are prepared for us by a specialized gem stone company that we work with. Only the finest slabs of stone are selected, then cut and ground to beads. From what we receive we pick only the finest stones, one by one.


We believe in being responsible to our planet. We only use eco-friendly packaging, made of FSC®-certified cardboard and water-based glue. The gift pouches are made of leatherette.

Crafted in small batches.

As we are a tiny company, we make all of our jewellery in small batches and the quantities are usually very limited. We don't build large stocks of inventory and some pieces are made specifically to your order.

We put our entire hearts into making unique pieces of the highest quality. I hope you enjoy our jewellery.

Stone & May Founder & Lead Designer